Insight Shift ... a Life in Balance

P6180074_1_1.JPGYour life is yours to plan and design. Insight Shift Life Coaching can give you the support, guidance and tools for you to create a rich balanced abundant life. Remember, if you don’t make choices about your life, others will.

With the support of a coach you can identify your heart felt priorities. You will learn to recognize patterns that keep you in a cycle of overwhelm and overwork.

Coaching is not therapy or a quick fix. Coaches don’t tell clients what to do. A coaching relationship is a non-judgmental, supportive partnership that creates deep awareness leading to accelerated, personal growth and sustainable change.

A coaching partnership focuses on you – your work, relationships, health, goals and personal development. Coaching is action-oriented and keeps you focused on the life you want, connecting you with your passions while creating clear paths.

Inspirational Quotes...

Never confuse a single mistake with a final mistake.

F.Scott Fitzgerald (1896-1940)

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